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Bird Ambulance
Bird Ambulance
Don unloads boxes of rescued birds
Don unloads boxes of rescued birds

Volunteer Transporters

One of our greatest assets is our team of nearly 300 people who help with rescue and transportation from their areas. Some of them are called on infrequently – perhaps only a few times a year – but their assistance is appreciated on each and every one of those occasions. The folks listed below are the "frequent fliers" that may be deployed several times a week during the busy summer season. All of them, including others not listed (they know who they are!) are life-savers, literally, and our gratitude for their service is endless. More information about volunteer transporting can be found here.

Lyn Adams
Shirley Adams
Louise Alley
Christie Banow
Michael Boardman
Ellen Campbell
Nancy Carhart
Elizabeth & Chris Crawford
Ted Coolidge
Amy Cooper
Diane Davison
Don Fournier
Paul Gagne
Roberta Hanna
Amy Hart
Steve & Judith Hill
Deb Huard
Lisa Irish
Pep Jones
Cheryl King
Karen LeGendre
Cheryl Lord
Cindy Lord
Rebekah Lowell
Jan McInnes
Rob O'Connell
Kate Rotroff
Nick & Louise Ruf
Norman Schultz
Jane & Gary Scott
Karen Silverman
Kimb & John Spender
Richard Spinney
Ellen Treadwell
Julie Vaillancourt
Kate Weatherby
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