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Volunteer Transporters

One of our greatest assets is the list of approximately 300 people who have signed up to help with rescue and transportation from their areas. Some of them are called on infrequently – perhaps only a few times a year – but their assistance is appreciated each and every time. We list below the more "frequent fliers" with whom we have regular contact. All of them, including the ones not listed (they know who they are!) are life-savers, literally, and our gratitude for that is endless. More information about the program can be found here.

Lyn Adams
Sally Allen
Kathryn Anctil
Ana & Roy Antaki
Gary Archibald
Linda Athern
Sally Baldwin
Christie Banow
Anne Beaulieu
Julie & Tom Belanger
Ursula Berinato
Mary & Jim Bird
Kris Bishop
Susie Blake
Avery Booth-Stone
Rita & Roy Brooks
Kathy Brownell
Nancy & Joe Carey
Nancy Carhart
Diane Clay
Larry Comeau
Ted Coolidge
Mark & Amy Cooper
John Cotton
Elizabeth & Chris Crawford
Celeste & George Daly
Lorrie & Ray Davis
Diane Davison
Amy Dillon
Thomas Deul
Curt & Debora Edgerley
Gail Edwards
Cheryl Fasano
Lloyd Ferris
Angie Foster
Don Fournier
Jane Frost
Tom Gagne
Joan & Joel Gilb
Laura Glover
Tom Goettel
Kshanti Greene
Sibyl Haley
Dee Hall
Jane Harrell
Andy Haynes
Bonnie Hellwege
Steve & Judith Hill
Bev Hughes
Carol Johnson
Jan Johnson
Carol & Bob Jones
Diane & Rob Jones
Annie Kassler
Tug Kellough
Cheryl King
Kathleen Lally
Gail & George Leavitt
Laura & Don Lecker
Cheryl & Allen Lord
Mandy Madsen
Carl Mahoney
Shari Mather
Marilyn McLelland
Jan & Mac McInnes
Connie & Rick Moore
Sam Neuschwander
Rob O'Connell
Penelope Olson
Scott Reynolds
Carolyn & Steve Richens
Steve Ridley
Lynne Rothney-Kozlak
Nick & Louise Ruf
Peter Russell
Bill Sheehan
Marie Schuman
Norman Schultz
Karen Silverman
Barbara Skapa
Kimb & John Spender
Richard Spinney
Kathy & David Stager
Gary Stimeling
George Stone
Jenny Swing
Kerry Tietjen
Holly Torsey
Charlene Turgeon
Donna & Bill Wade
Lynn Warren
Kate Weatherby
Polly & Gus Wilson
Tanna Witkin
Mary Woodward
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