Avian Haven Wild Bird Rehabilitation Center
Merlin nestling
Merlin nestling
Photo by Amy Campbell

Recognizing that fauna, flora, and ecosystems contribute ecologically, economically, culturally, spiritually, and aesthetically to our lives...

Understanding that a considerate, educated, and thoughtfully formed relationship between natural and human environments is essential for the harmonious co-existence of all species...

Acknowledging that the activities of people impact the natural world, sometimes adversely...

Believing that we can make an effort to remedy the unfavorable effects of humanity's actions, promote tolerance for the needs of all life, and contribute to balance on earth...

Avian Haven was founded in Freedom, Maine as a non-profit wild bird rehabilitation center dedicated to the return of injured and orphaned wild birds of all species to natural roles in the wild. In practice, the rehabilitation and repatriation of wildlife is a medical, ecological, geographical, cultural, and educational endeavor.

In fulfilling these facets, Avian Haven provides:

  1. Comprehensive medical care in a modern, well-equipped clinic.
  2. Rehabilitation in an environment designed to simulate natural conditions.
  3. Research and education to other wildlife rehabilitators and wildlife professionals on a local, state, and national level.
  4. Opportunities for enhanced awareness and education to the general public and academic institutions.
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