Avian Haven Wild Bird Rehabilitation Center
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Avian Haven
418 North Palermo Rd.
Freedom, Maine

We don't send weekly or even monthly e-mail newsletters at least not yet! However, if you join our e-mail list, you'll receive notifications of newly-posted slide shows, year-end reports, and other occasional reports on our activities.


To see what we're doing on a more frequent basis, you can visit our public Facebook page by clicking on the blue icon.

Freedom is in central Maine, about half way between Augusta and Belfast.  If you need to get a bird to us, this Google Map should get you most of the way.

Call first to let us know you're coming, and for details about the last few miles of the trip.

Due to the nature of our work, we are not open to the public and cannot accommodate even very small tour groups or photographers.

To contact us by e-mail, please complete and submit this form. To ensure that our reply reaches you, please make sure that you have typed your e-mail address correctly. Please call rather than e-mail to report a bird emergency.

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